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Save the date for the 2017 ILSROA Conference, June 21st-23rd, Normal Illinois Marriott. Look for registration and conference lineup in early 2017

ILSROA would like to thank all the presenters and all who attended the 2016 ILSROA Conference and helping make this the best conference to date.

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The start of a new school year is exciting for parents, students, staff, and School Resource Officers (SROs). As SROs, we eagerly greet new students and rekindle acquaintances with returning students when school begins each fall. We hope to strengthen the foundation of safety that we built in the past year and make this school year even better. We walk miles in hallways, and our visibility assures students and staff that we are guarding their safety.

SROs are more than a police presence in schools. We are counselors, teachers, and parental figures to the students. By our example, we can be persons whom students trust and with whom they share any information. An SRO who has gained the confidence of students is likely to be the one informed about issues such as weapons being on school premises or arguments escalating to fights before serious consequences occur.

SROs need to maintain their enthusiasm throughout the school year and not become stagnant in their interaction with those who rely on their protection. I challenge my fellow SROs and school administrators to make a difference in at least one student’s life each day. A warm smile or a friendly hello can engender trust and leave a lasting and favorable impression to make a student feel important and confident. SROs have contact with more people each day than anyone else in their departments. Make that contact positive. Stay visual; stay alert; and, sustain the same excitement and enthusiasm of the first weeks of school throughout each month and semester of the school year. You have the power to make a difference in each student’s life.

Deputy Kip D. Heinle
Madison County Sheriff’s Office
President, Illinois School Resource Officers Association